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The Law Office of Sharlene Richards BBB Business Review

Client Reviews

“Sharlene – thank you so much for all your work, I have honestly enjoyed working with you and I would highly recommend you should I ever know anyone in need of your services. You are an excellent attorney and I can see why you came highly recommended to me.”

– Dawn M.

“Thank you is quite the understatement! Your diligent and compassionate work on crafting this case; combined with your brilliant legal writings of the various briefs and motions have given me my permanent residence even after I was ordered deported. I have a new lease on life, thanks to you. My J.D aspirations no longer an ethereal dream, it’s now tangible and within reach. The combination of practical skill and personality traits you embody make you the quintessential attorney. May God continue to bless ALL that you do and ALL those you love.”

- Richard B

“Mrs. Richards, thank you for your good work. I finally got my permanent residence after almost seven years and having gone through two other attorneys who made my case even worse before being referred to you by a colleague at work. My day in immigration court turned out so well, you made my trial go so easy as my husband and I were totally prepared for our case. Thank you again, as we can now move on our lives. I will recommend you and your services to all my friends and anyone needing help in their immigration case. You are great!”

– M. Khan

“We appreciate you helping me and my wife with our application to remove the condition on my permanent residence. Your advice was useful to us and your help in getting us organized with our documents was great. You made the process so easy for us. We enjoyed working with you, the attorney and felt that you gave us 100% attention. We are so happy with the outcome of our case.”

–A.A and M.A

“Ms. Richards, you have the best ways to get clients approved for the citizenship. My mother’s case was almost impossible and I did not believe that she could pass the test as her English was so poor. Your ideas on how to teach her to learn English to pass the test was so helpful. Most of all, we are impressed at how you represented her at the citizenship interview and how you managed to convinced the officer to pass her. Thank you for your patience in this case. A lot of our neighbors are now your clients and you must know that.”

–Ali M.

“I am still having my F-1 visa status, thanks to you Attorney Richards. I thought I had lost my status but because I was referred to you and you assured me that I can apply to reinstate my case by motion to reopen. I trusted you and you did not let me down. Your price was so reasonable and I did not have to worry about that too. You were a great help. If there is anything else I need for my immigration needs, I know where to go. God bless you!”

–Christina J.

“Thank you for your free advice about helping my father who was very ill and detained at the immigration detention facility. Your advice worked. What a kind and compassionate person you are. What surprised me is that you never mentioned any payment for your time and the numerous phone calls you voluntarily made to me. I never met any lawyer like you. You are different from the others. ”


“Best attorney is all that I can say you are. Your price was so affordable and you did not even charge us for the Request for Evidence and all the extra work you did to get our case approved. We all received our green cards in the mail. Thank you!”

–The Patel Family

“My wife regards you as her idol. She so appreciates how you motivated her in learning the necessary to pass her Naturalization interview. You made the difficult process so easy for her. She could not have passed the test and gained US Citizenship without your help. Thank you Ms. Richards.”

–Muhammed A.

“I was approved and received my TN visa because your office treated my case as urgent and filed my employer’s petition to change my status immediately. You are a very knowledgeable attorney and took the trouble to do your best. Thank you for your good work. I look forward to working with you in the future.”